Doctor Home Visits

ঘরে বসে অভিজ্ঞ ডাক্তার পেতে আমাদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করুন এবং আপনার সমস্যা বলুন।

সমস্যা অনুযায়ী বিশেষজ্ঞ ডাক্তার আপনার বাসায় তৎক্ষণাৎ পৌছে যাবে।

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What is Associate in Nursing in-home doctor service?

Every once during a whereas, you’re absolute to get to see a doctor for a general health check-up, seasonal fever, acute diseases, chronic sickness, and more. From consultation to treatment, the doctor helps you throughout your recovery. Associate in Nursing in-home doctor service will precisely the same. Only, you don’t get to go anyplace. The doctor can visit and treat you within the comfort of your home.
When does one want us?

If you would like to facilitate with any of the subsequent or additional, decision United States sooner instead of later.
General medical exam

It’s an honest observation to stay a check on your health. Regular health check-ups square measure essential for kids and also the aged. decision a Portea doctor home and keep rest assured regarding your family’s health.
Diabetic Care

Did you recognize that each patient full of a polygenic disorder ought to see a doctor a minimum of once in 3 months? currently that you just do, decision one among our doctors home for following spherical of consultations.
Ortho Care

Don’t let orthopedical conditions like fractures, joint replacements, spinal deformities, inflammatory disease, etc. produce mayhem in your life. We’ll rid you of your pain with a spread of home-based health care services.
Post-Hospitalization viscus Care

The heart is one of the foremost essential components of the form. No health issue associated with it is unheeded. If you ever end up in want of post-hospitalization viscus care, permit the United States to free you of your worries with our in-home doctor service.
Post-Hospitalization Neuro Care

A systema nervosum disorder is worrying, however, is sometimes related to many other stories. Don’t panic. For post-hospitalization Neuro care and support, decision United States and find an Associate in Nursing practiced doctor from Portea to treat your reception.
Home-Based medical specialty Care

We perceive however troublesome it’s to trot out cancer. And we’ll do no matter what it takes to supply a cancer patient with a higher life. therefore don’t hesitate. Get home-based medicine care Associate in Nursingd recommendation from a practiced doctor, within the comfort of home.
How will we tend to help?

Our doctors work from home. Your home. They assess, diagnose, and treat you looking for your want. Our general physicians have years of expertise within the medical field and can treat you patiently and with compassion.

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