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Elderly Home Care Bangladesh


Our nurses are not only well-versed in their medical tasks but also in providing a caring support system. They understand the responsibility they are entrusted with when you place your elderly ones under their care. Thus providing physical and also emotional support with care and comfort is their forte.


Our services provide mobility devices like wheelchairs, canes, walkers, rollators, motorized scooters etc. We also provide life support systems like mechanical ventilator and oxygen cylinders.  We have electronic personal alert devices, medication alarmed dispensers, ramps for steps, uplifting chairs and much more.


Our providers know well how to provide hospice care with kindness and efficiency which helps to make the end-of-life period easier and more pleasant for chronically ill elders.

Elderly Home Care Services

Elderly Home Care Dhaka

What is Elderly care? Elderly care or senior care ultimately refers to the service of lending a hand in daily activities for the elderly so they can lead a life of fulfillment but with dignity. 

Aging is an integral part of our lives but what we often forget is to address it as the sensitive phase that it is. Our elderly loved ones most suffer from the lack of assistance in daily life because let’s face it – there comes a time in old age that we all need help in managing our daily essential chores. The working members of the family may not get enough time to give attention to those special needs of their elders. In times like these, elderly homes may be the first option to pop up in your minds but is that the only option?

Well of course not. We at Elderly Home Care Bangladesh are here to provide those very elderly care services starting from aided living, adult day care, nursing homes or residential cares, hospice care and so on. Our services provide fully regulated elderly care at home starting from simple grooming to medical monitoring. 

What are the types of elderly care that we provide?

With aging, multitudes of physical and psychological issues and ailments can limit an elderly member’s ordinary functioning. Our elderly care services aim to provide the highest quality support system by determining the type of care each individual requires. Depending on the condition of different individuals, we have several services planned. To find out which of the package suits your needs best, read on!

Private care for elderly at home

Our private care services help your elderly dear ones in day to day assistance at home. Maybe you spend long hours in office or otherwise occupied and are worried about how to take care of elderly parents? Don’t sweat, we’ve got you covered! Is it elderly care which requires hourly visits? Or maybe you need care throughout the day; we have all the options that you need. Our caregivers are formerly trained to hone their skills but they are also quick to adapt to new situations that you may need attending to. The services you may expect from our caregivers are –

  1. Personal care like using the restroom, bathing, dressing, walking around, simple errands, companionship, meal preparation and help with eating, health monitoring (diet organization too), encouraging physical and entertainment activities etc.
  2. Our caregivers are trained in the art of first-aid to general nursing skills to attend to medication monitoring, light physiotherapy and other medical requirements. 
  3. If your senior member has a special condition like mental disorders, disabilities like Dementia or Alzheimer’s or have any handicap – we provide you with caregivers trained specifically to take care of their special needs.  
  4. Our caregivers are available to provide respectful and compassionate care at morning, Mid-day and Evening schedules.
  5. What’s more – we have 24/7 – meaning overnight elderly care services available.

How our team will work to care for the elderly

For further details and discussing the best plans for you, please contact us and find reassurance only with your eyes-and-ears on the whole. 

Elder Care Attorney

We work with elder care attorneys to make sure your dear one has the best supplemental health and long-term care insurance.

Home attendants for elderly

Our home attendant service or also known as adult-day care is much similar to private daily aids. What’s different is that we offer aid in housekeeping, grocery runs and simple errands too. Our caregivers are also trained to tend to emotional needs and provide a joyful companionship. Home attendants for elderly are also available and on-call 24/7.


I Offer a Whole Range of Elderly Services

We have specially trained caregivers to attend to your elderly dear ones who suffer from a life-limiting or terminal illness. Our aim is to focus on palliative care which prioritizes comfort and a quality end-of-the-life care. This includes keeping an eye out for symptoms and being quick to help relieve the pain, being a supportive presence to assure physical, emotional and spiritual fulfillment. To get hospice care for elderly at your home, it is most important to first discuss the medical conditions and contradictions your patient faces. The rest you can leave up to us and we’ll provide you with efficient hands well trained in your needs.

How many old age homes are there in Bangladesh?

Just recently our Government has set up six old age homes under the social welfare ministry in different divisions. These six homes serve to render shelters for our elderly or senior citizens but are they sufficient in a country bearing such a large population? You have your answers. Thus looking for non-governmental services is integral.

Why should you choose us?

We have caregivers who are well-experienced and regularly re-trained to accommodate newer care services. Our agency does all the interrogation and back-ground checks to find caregivers who are not only skilled but also trustworthy.

Our schedules are flexible and based on prior consultation, the same caregiver can adapt to different hourly schedules that you require.

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