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Best Nursing Home Care BD | Quality Home Care Services Dhaka Bangladesh

Nursing Home Care BD – Nurse Service at home as a concept of home aide care began to develop in Bangladesh. In Asia, particularly Bangladesh, Health care provider is at a very new stage compared to developing countries. Do you know, 60% of non-urgent medical care currently provided at the hospital can be done completely at home if you have a proper nursing service organization or senior care home? Indeed, Homecare or home-based health care is a solution that is increasingly suitable for our lifetime and elderly home care. Nursing Home Care BD | Quality Home Care Services Dhaka Bangladesh.

Now, we are from Nursing Home Care are promised to provide Nurse Service at home facilities. As we believe long-lasting and meaningful relationships between home patients, their friends or families, and our house care team, we are delivering nursing home care service at home along with equipment service and medical diagnosis service. All of these services truly based on patient care demands and personal care homes at Dhaka.
Apart from nursing home service we also provides medical equipment’s including Oxygen cylinder, oxygen concentrator, wheelchairs, pulse oximeter, hospital beds, mattress, ventilator, suction machine, syringe pump, etc. we provide this as a rental basics at home so that your loved ones can stay in the comfort of the house with the best equipment right next to them. Consequently, as a boon to health care infrastructure, our equipment service has already proven to be the best nursing homes service in Dhaka.
We are also proud to share that Nursing Home Care is touching the lives of thousands of people in terms of adult care homes and senior care service with more than ten years of experience. At present, it has broadened its care home area by adding medical diagnosis such as a test for diabetics, thyroid, fiver, dengue, and so on. With unique treatment options and life care services, NHC always provides clinical excellence with loving home care and medical home service in Dhaka.

Through our nursing home care service, you will not feel alone or bored, which you feel in the hospital while taking treatment. This personalized approach helps build a trusting relationship between patients and care providers and ensures collaborative efforts for recovery. Our dedicated team of nurses or attendants is with you at every step, throughout your journey to provide a sense of security, comfort, and convenience. Our senior care service or older people home service has already in a standard position of patient care service in Dhaka. Regarding medical equipment rental service, you will get guaranteed medical equipment and facilities with free using system method. Our well-experienced employee will teach you how to use each equipment safely or when can they call again for a free assessment.

Finally, being at home, our service ensures that you get the full attention of the care provider. Additionally, this helps in a better understanding of patient and family expectations that helps service providers anticipate upcoming problems, much faster than in hospitals. So if you are looking for nurse service at home in Dhaka bd, you can blindly trust NHC and book an appointment by today.

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