What does doctor on call service mean? It is all about having an on-call provider (physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, specialists etc.) brought to your home when you are unable to or prefer not to go visit the doctor’s chamber in person. Simply put, it means to bring the doctor’s office to the comfort of your home where you get treated in convenience and as per your preference. Making house-calls for doctors is not something which is a recent innovation rather it has been evident since ancient times. With time that very tradition is coming around though surely costlier than ages past but more effective.

We at Doctor on Call Services bring you the most reliable medical services at your home with the quickest reaction time with top-notch quality. Our mission is to ensure homebound patients the accessibility to compassionate patient-centered primary and intensive care with the highest efficiency.

Services that we provide

The services that we provide are planned and scheduled in resonance with what you expect from us.

We have routine on call services of primary care, episodic care, geriatric care, nutritionists, dieticians, wound management caregiver, palliative care, post hospital discharge visits, physiotherapy programs and much more. Services consist of –

  • Primary care for patients of varying age-groups
  • Private or personalized care program
  • Specialized compassionate care for chronic ailments, disabled or handicapped patients
  • Specialists in dentistry, podiatry, psychiatry and optometry
  • 24/7 availability of on-call providers 
  • Appointments within a 24 hour limit 

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Primary care on call services

Our primary care providers are skilled in their ways of managing care for elderly and also adults of all ages.

What this on call service focuses largely on is preventive care which includes responding to instant house-calls in case of serious symptoms. Our primary care on call services provides physical examinations, general functional assessments, immunizations, diagnostic tests and health shots. Medication management and prescription refills also falls under this criteria. If your patient is unable to transport to the hospital for post discharge check-ups, primary care on-call services again holds the torch for this. If you are looking for injection service at home near you, this program can help you with that too. Our sole intention is to rid you of any extra hassles regarding routine check-ups or primary medical attentions by coming to your door with a deep understanding of your social, physical, emotional and clinical needs.

Episodic care on call services

Our caregivers are available around the clock for short periodic or episodic visits to ensure ambulatory sensitive conditions.

We work to make way for hospital admission avoidance, immediate care for accidental wounds, patient stabilization or rehabilitation programs. We aim to lessen the load of the emergency department and also patient harassment. So if you are in need of a short-term or episodic care on call service, then we’re just one call away!

Geriatric on call services

All the care-programs which are included in primary or episodic care are only better customized for elderly members to improve their health care and quality of life– that is what our geriatric on call services aims to provide. We try our level best to ensure the improvement of end-of-life care, avail independence and preserve dignity. We know how hard it can be for elders to reach out for doctor services when they are most often confined in their home grounds. So we have made it easier for you to reach all the privileges you may need for medical home services. From all the primary care to specialized care for elderly ailments (Cardiovascular, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s diseases etc.) which are recurrent in those age-groups. Our doctors come to you with medication service, at home diagnostic test privileges, injection care, therapeutic care, pain relief treatments and treating any and all diseases and disabilities that often comes with old-age. 


Palliative care on call services

Palliative care is focused around treatment and relief for chronically ill or terminally ailed patients. The end-of-life-care is of course preferred in the convenience of one’s home. Much similar to developed countries, Bangladesh is too developing in this sector of care which requires specialist attention of physical, emotional and equipment management skills. But on call services for palliative care requires much improved and individually personalized training which most care-services feel in lack of. For your chronically ill dear ones, we again bring comfort with compassionate and high-quality treatment at your door with our palliative on call services. We have doctors and nurse practitioners trained in the art of symptoms alert, pain management, emotional and psychological support system. Our caregivers are available around the clock for immediate support whenever and however you need it. 


Contact us 

For a detailed service outline and to find out which line of medical programs suits your requirements best, please contact us, we’re here to assist you 24/7 just one call away.



How do you call a doctor at home?

At Doctor on Call Services, our helplines are always available to receive your calls and find the best doctors for you at a moment’s notice. To maintain quality service and also to make sure no steps are mistaken, we take on some procedures to connect you with the service you need.

  • First you need to send us a request via any platform either on phone or online services like our official page or mobile app.
  • Second, we inquire about the patient’s condition, whatever their symptoms are to determine the first line of action and finally your address.
  • Third, we decide upon which nearest medical professional suits your patients’ needs depending on the info you provided us and contact them with your address. 
  • The designated physician or nurse practitioner will find their way on your front gates within an hour at most.


Why choose us?

First and for most, no more waiting in the doctor’s chamber. Bypass all the hassle of waiting rooms, queues and crowded space, just receive immediate attention to what needs most focus.


Personalized care is another privilege you receive at Doctor on call services because here each affair of treatment is unique to one’s own preference. Our doctor’s sit and discuss with you all the available treatment plans and chooses the best line of service.

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