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With the development of medical science and technological advancements, especially easy transport – newer gates have been opened for us. Health care that was restricted to the confines of doctor chambers or hospital grounds is now offered in the comfort of your home. The sole aim of home health care is to provide physical assessment and assistance, rehabilitative therapy and overall management of day-to-day activities in a care setting that is most familiar to you

Home Health Care Services

Here at Home Health Care Services, you’re not just a patient to us but family. We have expert physicians, nurses, medical assistants to provide excellence every day to each individual patient. Our home health care is comparatively less expensive, more satisfactory than and reportedly just as effective as hospitalized care, if not more. With the goal of treating and assisting with either an injury or ailment regardless of age-groups our services are programmed to induce health improvement and regain self-sufficiency. If you are eligible by the terms of home health care and your doctor’s reference, than you can attain our services whenever you decide fit.

Intermittent home care services 

Intermittent services means that patients can attain a combined home aide and skilled nursing service for a pre-determined set of days in a week. When you hear the phrase “Home health care services quarterly” what it refers to is one and the same. The requirement for this though is that –

  • Up to 28 hours or less per week
  • No more than 8 hours per day

The diverse responsibilities of a family caregiver can be overwhelming

What are the services provided by Home Health Care?

When you seek out “Home health care services near me” expect us to pop up on your search because we are here for just that. In light of individual patient requirements and preferences, we make chart of an adverse collection of services. We offer an array of services such as but not limited to top-notch nursing home care, home health aide or personal care assistance, living support such as wheelchair transportation, in-house chores, mental evaluation and support system, overnight watch, routine follow-ups, durable medical supplies and much more.

Home health care provided by Physicians

When the home based support you need starts with getting a diagnosis first then our facility will provide you with a physician or doctor who specializes in treating your medical condition. Our professional caregiver will then –

  • Discuss your symptoms, run necessary tests and diagnosis to determine what ailment causes you suffering.
  • On the basis of what treatment plan is to your preference and of course prior discussion would be held to ensure how much of it your insurance takes care of – the final guidelines for your treatment will be handed out to the next caregivers in line.
  • Our physicians will follow up with you routinely and make comparative reports to keep changing and improving your treatment plans to provide the best care with an expert knowledge yet compassionate and respectful posture.


Nursing home care services

When your requirement is a nurse who may follow up on our or your own doctor’s guidelines, we will select and send out a specific nurse who has most knowledge and understanding of your patient’s condition. The services our nurses provide range from Physical therapy, occupational therapy to speech-language therapy and much more.

Though every nurse practitioner is trained to take cover for each medical instances and exceptions, some are more proficient in specific sectors. Is it geriatric care you’re looking for? Or perhaps palliative care or is it a case of trauma or disability based treatment? Keeping each aspect in mind, our services will deliver the best one for this job. We take into account different variables to make the decision –

  • Your patient needs skilled therapeutic assistance to safely and efficiently help them work out the maintenance plan provided by the physician.
  • Your patient has an acute illness or severe injury that can decline rapidly if any of the treatment is jeopardized from medicinal administration to overall management. 
  • Your patient is hooked to electronic living support equipment which needs regular maintenance.
  • Your patient needs geriatric support meaning 24/7 or overnight assistance is preferred.


Home care aide services 

The aide services consist of additional support with medical management and privileges. These extras are –

  • Personal hygiene care like bathing, using restroom, dressing and any such custodial tasks
  • Meals delivered to your home or meal preparation and also help with feeding
  • House-cleaning, laundry, shopping chores and other homemaker aides
  • Keeping contact with your physician or agency to keep tabs of any changes

Contact Us 

To re-address all your queries and learn further details please contact us on the supplied provider.


Why choose us?

Home Health Care Services has been running the business for a quality amount of time and our services has left no-one so far unsatisfied. Our physician, nurse, assistant or medical supply and device services are all top-notch. Experience and proficiency is our strongholds. We help you cut down on hospital bills and provide service in a range that is less expensive but high-quality nonetheless. Our caregivers are well trained and routinely performance surveillances are held to keep up our care deliverance.

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